Sound Installation [Project4]

Sound Installation [Project4]
Multimedia Installation. “Madena”. Cooperating Ahmed Basyoni. Youth Salon 2007.
( Winner Of The Grand Award Of Creativity Festival – Multimedia Interactive Project )

The featured project (Madena) was the result of a collaboration with Ahmed Basyoni, an Egyptian artist working with video & sound.The project was based on a research about iconic sounds of Cairo's city.  One month of recording street and environmental sounds in featured areas produced a large selection of sound recordings.
The next step consisted of choosing and editing ambient sounds particular to geographic locations, the main idea of the project was to stimulate a conversation between Magdi Mostafa and Ahmed Basyoni via sounds of the city. The artists provided each their own equipment (computers, mixers, amplifiers, etc.). A geographical map of Cairo was affixed to the wall, as well as multi-size speakers. The speakers are connected to sound devices broadcasting soundtracks from each particular city area as displayed on the map.  When visitors moved close to the wall they experienced a sound panorama of the city, but not all sounds were perceived simultaneously.  
Open-line microphones captured the ambient sounds of the space, enabling visitors to interact and participate in the dialog by using their voices.
The video projection showed rhythmic movements of people in crowded and popular places such as bus stations, markets, and the underground.
A heap of clothes was placed in the center of the performance space, with Basem Basyoni sewing it together on a daily basis to create another map of Cairo, for the duration of the exhibition. 📽 [WATCH VIDEO]

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