Transmission Loss

Magdi Mostafa: Transmission loss - Electromagnetic.
ZKM center of art and media 2016 - Photo courtesy of the artist
as a part of "New Sensoruim - Exiting from Failures of Modernization" exhibition curated by Yuko Hasegawa. 
This project is supported by Sharjah art foundation, and produced in collaboration with ZKM Karlsurhe, Germany 2016

Transmission Loss, is a new part of the artist's investigations in creating dynamic, variable scaled-vibration based-sound sculptures, this project is also an extension of his previous work “the analog orchestra” that was shown only in Cairo, September 2009, which opened an on-going research for the artist in circuits making skills and combining some simple vintage sound devices. Transmission Loss is known by definition (mostly in acoustics) as the difference between the energy of sound from the resource of transmission, and the receiver of this transmission within the sonic environment, mostly used in broadcasting and information/ communication technology, this concept meant to be used metaphorically, as a sort of 'bemoaning', or like a manifestation of certain absence that we don't know during the process of generating these sounds, it might be the absence of time which has to do with abandonment technologies, or the absence of our understanding of these values of sound itself, or even both.   Watch Video