Planting Sound:  Images courtesy of the artist.

A public audio sculpture based on a series of Highly-Sensitive field recordings, done over several nights at the area of "Darkoh" near the mountains of Alania, Vladikavkaz, Russia. The artist has chosen a specific stone that has a human scale, and covered its smooth surface of a hundred – two channeled car audio speakers, that gave the stone a look of a growing fungus making sounds. Speakers was divided to 8 main channels of sound broadcasting a selection of the field recordings, bringing the minor sounds of the surroundings, amplified and organized to the city itself, to the foreground of the everyday life, the stone was located next to the main road so people would stop their cars and go to follow where these sounds are coming from.The differences in the audio balance between the speakers, made its rule of making great sound dynamics over the surface, an effect who gave the feeling that these sounds are a live, and it might be coming from the heart of the stone.

زراعة صوت: مشروع قائم على تضخيم وبث تسجيلات صوتية عالية الحساسية تمت طوال الليل في منطقة مستنقعات داركوخ بآلانيا اوسيتيا - روسيا

Commissioned by Alanica symposium of contemporary art, Russia. August 2014.

SOUND SAMPLE (sounds into a shell + night insects) :  


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