Last update: 18-12- 2017


Until the end of 2010, my work dealt with the visual and aural culture of the Cairo neighborhood where I live and belong. In my sound installations and public interventions, I would negotiate the complex hybridity of modern Cairo—a tapestry of Islamic, Ottoman, and colonial history woven together with the effects of globalization. I explored these issues through the lenses of acoustic identity, urban soundscapes, and outmoded technologies.Since 2011, my practice has been radically reoriented into nascent areas of research, departing from geographic and historical specificity and instead focusing on the conceptual, spiritual and physical notions of experimental 3D sound. I am increasingly interested in notions of ambiguous, unclear, difficult-to-decipher “third forms of action” that are neither normative nor contradictory, positive nor negative; a type of behavior that sociologists, political scientists and psychologists can’t determine the motivation for. I seek to capture the sounds of this behavior in space and insert them in an ambiguous parenthesis in a current "historical" moment that has been too sharply defined by the parameters of either-or, obey or dissent, acquiesce or revolt.


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